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Leaf compost

Leaf Compost. One teacher in school did motivate me, congratulations to the winner! It was his dedication to leaf composting that had captured my attention and not a detention.  link to help: My favourite teacher got me into composting. Initially, I admit I witnessed the transformative power of organic matter and worms and heat in

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Good old Daffodils – I can recommend them to everyone.

Daffodils they’re good for looks. Daffodils are cultivated for their bright beauty, symmetry, size, and of course, their stunning colours, which plant breeders have enhanced over time. March brings us one step closer to summer, even though it is still a way off. Nevertheless, we can appreciate the beauty of the ancient daffodil. Usually yellow or slightly whitish, the center is frequently a richer colour. It’s like a storefront window luring consumers, but as time has gone by the streets grow bare of fragrance, excitement, and less lure to visit. Funny, because this reminds me

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