it is december
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It is December, crikey could veggies be more excited? Deck your veggies, uplift a Brussels Sprout. rejoice!
Work, work, work, Jesus is born and a new year is coming blimey was that 365 days gone?
No wonder it's not just turnips burning out.
Please pause and give yourselves a break!
January coming

December is here, guess what that means? Well yes, it does mean turkey, Brussels sprouts, sticky pud, carol services even mince pies, ice cream and Eastenders in a murderous plot leading to joy, peace and goodwill to all men, so how many are leaving? ( A sinister outlook BBC)

It also means Christmas is coming and that means some stress, chaos and frustration, don’t fret because here at Bizzybee-garden-market. We are here for you, you are going to have a cuppa and talk about all things colourful and peaceful and fun, if it is a sherry perfectly acceptable I would hate to stop anyone's fun. Take a minute for yourself and I'll divulge a few Christmas truths and a favourite plant key points below. With of course further information to be made available for deeper insight most of all to my readers Happy Christmas to you all.

To start us off how about some Holly.

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So I know everyone has got a rush on so I am typing as fast I can. Aaah! you got a minute excellent 🙂

So Holly is great because it stays green no matter the weather outside or inside no one is suggesting sticking a bush in your living room and you do not have to wear the knitted jumper, as long as Granny is not going to get upset.  It would not bat an eyelid if it had any to bat over, being placed, over a picture frame or two and of course a massive fireplace, in small increments. 

Holly berries were originally white, it is proposed they changed colour when Jesus shed his blood on the cross. Holly is a reminder of Jesus and his sacrifice and suffering. Holly is named “Christ thorn” in German very solid and to the point, I thought as expected from the German language outstanding work. 

Believed to have magical powers it is connected also to the druids. Although that is all I could find out due to Harry Potter not being available just kidding, a look at it did lead to that they used the wood to make wands and that it would ward off evil spirits. Fairies would supposedly be kept warm along with other small animals. Kinder leaves a nice warm feeling.  

It is a well-loved decoration no matter your beliefs and some find it less messy than a Christmas tree with both winter and Christmas wreaths available.  A more details look can be found here:

So deck your bells, eat like Eastern Europeans, oh and love your neighbour with all your might. Soon it will be January 2024

What prospect snowdrops, daffodils, tulips, spring your step, after winter.  I look forward to seeing you all happy as Larry, whoever he is and hoes at the ready, massive pots and the kindled spirits, all help that bring a little peace and a little bit of what God you can find to our gardens. 


You see plants and trees can help so far. So here is food for thought about the new year ahead, I thought it was a great blog to share and well it may be the little seed some need.


There is still more to come, in December 2024 

Happy Christmas and see you New Year! 

all the best Tom. 


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