Good old Daffodils – I can recommend them to everyone.

Daffodils they’re good for looks.


Daffodils are cultivated for their bright beauty, symmetry, size, and of course, their stunning colours, which plant breeders have enhanced over time.

March brings us one step closer to summer, even though it is still a way off. Nevertheless, we can appreciate the beauty of the ancient daffodil. Usually yellow or slightly whitish, the center is frequently a richer colour. It’s like a storefront window luring consumers, but as time has gone by the streets grow bare of fragrance, excitement, and less lure to visit. Funny, because this reminds me of a recession. Plant breeders have over time gone for symmetry variants, more suitable for us to look at. However, they in turn have less nectar. We love Nectar especially when we shop, so with less Nectar points value, well, bees are less likely to visit or they are still hibernating, I know I am. I love both, anyway, I am a nostalgic quirky beast.

If you were born during this beautiful month of March, it must be wonderful.

I said I would be quirky, so quirky at its best. Here I come!

It appears that even if you were born during this lovely, sometimes chilly Spring seasoned month, then you are undoubtedly delighted to celebrate your birthday during a blooming good month. Daffodils, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, and even Crocuses, which are resilient enough to push their way through the grass, as well as buds on the trees, these are all a blooming good show right now. In this month of new beginnings of light and for me the end of endless dull days, we are all truly precious. When anyone says to me, they are born in March, I know them to be refreshing souls. This truly is the month of something new and enthusiasm to grow. This is your garden, take one seed or bulb and plant it. Any problems you had in the garden last year have been wiped because your daffodils came through for you well, I honestly hope they did. A memory today in March: – It is time to renew and refresh, learn lessons from last year, turn the soil, remove what is not needed and improve what is good. Let’s take hope forward and be in aura of our Daffodils who have shown us it can be done. We can do it all better with purpose and if all fails tea, yes tea is there for you.

March Babies | Interesting Facts About Babies Born in March (

That is the essence of old Daffy.

They used to draw the bees in to them and some still do. Native to Africa and Europe, even I have a few growing in my garden here in the UK. Easy planting, multiple in variety and size, they even celebrate the many who have a birthday. They bring wonderous beauty and remind mothers how much we love them and for some how much we miss them. Old Daffy is placed in remembrance to say, “your still with me mum on this Mother’s Day.” These flowers are loved for their longevity in vases. So, mums across the country can see them for longer. They see you care. With blue sky and Daffy in your hand, mum will surely make you cuppa. Making them a win-win choice and cherished part of our lives.

inspiration from William Wordsworth’s famous poem ‘I wandered lonely…

Such Beautiful piece of poetry, could not resist.

The phrase “I wandered lonely” may sound like a sad country song, but for William Wordsworth, it was pure inspiration. It inspired him to write one of the most beautiful and hilarious poems of all time, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” in which he frolics through fields of daffodils like a carefree hippie but that said it was about clouds. I thought it would be a happy note to close on. Hippies, clouds, and old Daffy, or daffodil if you prefer.

Thanks for reading. Also, I wanted to say thank you for the lovely comments and suggestions it really helps me to continuously move forward. I am like a snail; I get there eventually. All the best Tom.

Link about William Wordsworth:

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