October 2023 – Halloween part 2

Halloween, magic book, fantasy, mystical.

Halloween part 2
Potions & Protections.

Let’s dig into the spine-tingling dirt of Halloween part 2, A Potion and protection funny look at spell-bound garden botany. Imagination is at the ready, I hope. As you enter the witch and wizard garden, you are spooked that a spade and fork actually made it into your imagination, but they are in the dirt, magically digging away. The witch yells out, “Have you got the cauldron out?” The wizard replies, “It’s right in front of you.” Big shock, I think they’re married, ooh!

Halloween witch, black cat, broom-1461961.jpg
Halloween ai generated, magician, wizard-7771755.jpg

My imagination runs away: Above we have Hazel of the ‘Night-Shade’ family, with her loving, I think, partner, ‘Felix Night-Shade’ The pictures illustrate the different methods of cauldron gardening available. Felix is using renewables to heat the cauldron, and Hazel is sweeping up leaves! 

Illustrations of a witch, a cat, and a wizard with a link for some serious information.

First up is a veggie option for a wand:  made from the ‘Cosmic carrot’ (which does exist.) It is a wand mainly used for the magical culinary delights of witches in the kitchen a promising Saturday morning show aired on the Dark Side. Sometimes at Halloween, it can be used in spells NOT in the cauldron but to assist spells for potions to turn recipients hair red. Harry Potter had wands just like carrots too. Just thought I would add that in.  

Suggestions for use: Vitamins, Culinary joy, wand and spell making for use externally, I mean from the cauldron. 

The power of garlic: evil spirits Beware; you may become offended. The Vamp’s nemesis and the not-so-secret weapon of Halloween and spirits—a deterrent of stinky magnitude—you would not be forgiven for believing that garlic was just for a spag bowl on the first date. After all, it is Halloween, so you should not be forgiven. It’s not Valentine’s Day, but you are in for a fang-tastic surprise. Forget crossing strings. 


Just pull out the garlic neckless.

Yes, that is right, folks, your clove arsenal is the new fashion statement tonight. A bit stinky, but hey, who cares? Anyone who has watched Lost Boys knows these little Grenadier cloves will cause the need for a plumber.  It comes complete with a sage burn, and it warns off evil spirits.

Please do not try at home; if you do, I take no responsibility for any magical or hot consequences. 


It has once again been a mad joy to put this here for you. 

Happy Halloween from me (Tom)



© 2023 Thomas Cooke. All Rights Reserved. 

(images were from WordPress free library.) 


carrot, root, vegetable-37871.jpg

To the left is a Carrot in case of any doubt. 

Below is a happy wand gone wrong.

There is also a link to RHS on the ‘Daucus carota’ click in the image.

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