Lawn Mowing thoughts.

A Symphony of Green Delight!

To mow or not? mow mow mow your lawn…..

I thought I’d draft a book this week, play a few games on the pc, goodness, take a walk, but no, you see the lawn looked at me with its overgrown blades and I acknowledge it was in a poor situation. Our Guinea pigs Casper and Twix clearly were not eating as much as in other years, just kidding. They’re doing fine chomping away as usual.

To cut or not to cut, that is the question?

My Lawn spoke to me, it’s verdant whispers urging attention. I knew it was time, but April has been cold and wet. There is a lot of peer pressure with lawns. What it actually comes down to is, wet or not so wet. It is possible to offset some wetness. As an option I would consider using the height settings on a lawnmower to raise the blades and not cut the grass within an inch of its life. This through the years has been a hot potato subject people have wanted to be cut really short straight away.

It is true it is a silent grower and through the spring it is enthusiastic and may catch you out if not watched. 🤣

With a sharp blade for a clean cut, do the first cut high.

It is so true, this one thing helps to avoid clumping in the mower and promotes growth. Grass needs time to reacclimatise to the conditions. It has been asleep for a while with only occasional spurts of growth when the temperature allows.

Examples of different height settings. Above higher setting.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20240509_161032_HDR4-1-300x224.jpg

Above is the lower setting.

Outside my door, there’s a milkman.

Before I could look in my shed for the strimmer, my front door received a bashing of its life provided by the door knocker. I was almost afraid to open it, not needing an excuse to not get to the shed, but really wanting to know who was behind door no.1

As thoughts raced through my mind, I realised the need to check the oil and fuel levels of my petrol lawnmower. However, I then recognized that my lawn was too small to warrant such a large machine, and I reassured myself that a Flymo would be more appropriate. At least my subconscious was focused on safety, reminding me to ensure that the petrol engine and moving parts were secure and intact to prevent any breakage. This was a precaution, not an afterthought. And amidst these considerations, I wondered, who could be at the door as I opened it?

All of this became apparent as I opened the door. To use a gardening metaphor, he was like a plant that had been mistakenly placed on the expansive lawn of my doorstep.

ai generated, cow, cattle-8687130.jpg

At the front door was a door-to-door milkman—a genuinely nice person. My Gardener assumption was that he also was looking for nourishment and he also wanted my custom. He engaged in conversation very pleasantly, asking whether I would like my dairy products delivered? I politely declined. I was also a bit inclined, for his efforts, to be supportive. It is not easy being self employed. Wishing him well for the future, the door was gently closed. It didn’t seem to be a requirement for me. It was like a plant out of place. He has his place in society, we still need milk delivery, but they are not a required plant in my vast lawn and so sometimes respect is all you can give. Mowing weeds keeps them at bay by weakening them, thus the roots of grass can crowd making the lawn healthier. Daisies are nice if your lawn is slightly longer. It’s sort of how the lawn says I am still pretty. In no way are they Milkman weeds, I’ll just add that.

Mowing the lawn is not merely a task. It’s a philosophical debate or it is now!

An art form for thoughts, who dares to say the wise words “not my problem mate.” not man nor beast if you have a lawn. Not even a guinea pig thinks a lawn does not need a chomping upon it. To Mow or not to mow, that is the only question in April that needs to be asked.

whether tis nobler to suffer slings and arrows from the lovely wife.

The inconsistent long length that could drive you crazy, well, only an amateur dramatics production would know. Here is my adaptation: take arms against a sea of weeds by opposing them and trim the edges. Yet no matter how you put it the answer is always the same, Mow it, am I right?

Then you are the Monet of the meadows, sipping tea in serene satisfaction.

Get it right and you could be tea drinking by noon.

Botching the job is not hard. Fail and you’re the goalie who let the ball slip through – grass clippings everywhere a greenery fiasco! So, remember the key to a neat lawn is like the key to humour: timing, precision, execution and maybe just maybe a little laughter at the absurdity of it all at the end!

Best wishes Tom

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