Stepping into a garden of Autumn nostalgia

Autumn nostalgia, where gardens paint their old masterpiece.

Welcome to my imagination, autumn wonderland.

Autumn, where leaves dance their farewell waltz and nature’s palette transforms our gardens into a symphony of warm tones. Fiery colours and the crisp air slowly creep in a subtle chill, reminding us that thermal socks are almost needed. As if nature herself is preparing for a peaceful slumber, the sunlight gentler now, casts a long shadow creating a captivating play of light and shade like an artist’s impression trying to produce something but what exactly? Dew-kissed mornings invite us to step outside to the crush of leaves an accompaniment to every step taken.

A change of pace is felt.

My actual gardening becomes a sanctuary of tranquillity, a place where I find solace and inspiration. The trees, their branches becoming barren, release their colourful confetti, decorating the ground in a mosaic of reds, oranges, and yellows. Natures has begun its farewell party, enchanting me with its breathtaking display, and I feel honoured to bear witness to such beauty.

Amidst the seasonal shift.

As I stroll through the garden and the delicate fragrance of fallen leaves. Branches hold crisp apples, awaiting their plucking and transformation into delectable warm pies. The breeze carries the distant sound of migrating birds, bidding adieu to the garden before embarking on their grand journey. Squirrels rush like a black Friday to collect the nuts for hibernation ever hopeful the sun will shine upon them again in spring, but where did it put its nuts? (doh!)

Thank you for on this journey through my mind’s garden. It has been an enchanting experience, very much inspired by my family’s and friends’ and customers love of their gardens, past and present.

Autumns final word.

I am beautiful to the end breathtaking. A truly magical time for all to see.

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2 thoughts on “Stepping into a garden of Autumn nostalgia”

  1. This is a lovely article, very well written and really makes you appreciate what is around you and how beautiful it is. Looking forward to seeing more articles.

    1. It is so nice to receive such a lovely review. If you have a subject, you would like covered or suggestions, have a cuppa and send me your thoughts. I appreciate your support.

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