Winter 2024 and two chairs.

Find out how to style two chairs for winter using just snow, totally by mistake.

Winter 2024, has been cold and often disliked. Despite this, I will give a brief overview of the season, exploring its various aspects. Winter is not everyone’s favourite season and may not always bring joy. It tries and I do love a season that gives it a go. Well done winter.  Oh, and my two chairs.

I should have put you away guys.

two bins

The two bins, braving a brief blizzard. They look unimpressed. lol

winter 2024 two chairs in the snow.

Have you ever heard of the two chairs Well, they ended up getting left out in the cold winter weather and were so wet that no one could sit on them. But even though they were a little soggy, those chairs had the time of their lives reminiscing about all the happy visitors who had once sat on them. Talk about chairs with a sense of soggy humour!

I usually stick to my routine through winter, in 2024 Netflix was the name of my game.

I decided to leave my comfort zone and do something different this year. I got my bike out and looked at it, it was as far as I wanted to go as I had one glove and a flat tyre, I got tyred get it! pumping the tyre up and it was away again. The last time I felt enthusiastic about the winter season was during Christmas 2022. It wasn’t just about the presents; it was the beautiful lights and the anticipation of something special. Thank you for the socks, you gave me. I needed them greatly and appreciated them even more when I realised they were thermal too. You know who you are. 

Surrounded by snow, I see two chairs left out front. It's my mistake, but the weather makes it hard to put them away. It's so decorative, their is a story.

In Autumn we sat out and watched the clouds come over, dark and forthcoming, they slowly made their way towards us. As we sat on outdoor chairs in the front garden, waving aimlessly at neighbours as you do in the north, the little spits of rain started. Derek my father-in-law, who was like me, watched a beautiful summer day change to a dark and rainy late afternoon. We stayed out until it was considered untenable due to the droplets getting more aggressive and consistent, needless to say, a quick dash to the door was required, and the poor chairs were abandoned. I can’t answer why they were not put away, but I thank my lucky stars, as I like this photo, they are there standing and waiting for our return. I do say hello in my head to them when I come in. “See you in a warmer climate.” I hope they feel consoled. 

The moral/point: it is wise to put chairs away because they last longer. Simples!

I have gone off the plot again below!

I tried to deliver pizza in Chester-le-Street for a well-known company. We had just moved up to Shildon, so I felt a sense of duty as it was February and no I could not find any gardening work, about 6 years ago. 

Google did its best to take me to the front doors, I did my best to take me to the front doors. I was greeted at the back door with, “You can use the front you know!” I approached cautiously, praised the customer on what a tidy garden she had (actually her back garden.) and delivered the pizzas. I used traffic as my excuse for being late covert mission. I left after two days, the job was what felt like a military procedure and the late nights due to not finding doors on time added to the tension.

Shut that door it is true.

pizza nightmare

Winter to me is like a shutdown a mass hibernation without warning or right to reject but also…

To me, winter feels like a sudden stop – as if the world is put on pause it gains the ability to opt out a bit. It’s like a collective hibernation, where we all retreat into our homes, and the streets are empty and silent. The chilly air makes me want to curl up under a blanket and stay indoors, sipping on hot cocoa and reading a delightful good book. Hell, even my FB page gets positive content added. All because it feels so negative, The lack of sunlight can feel oppressive, and the grey skies seem to stretch on forever. But despite its challenges, winter also has its own unique beauty, from the way the snow sparkles under the sunlight to the warmth of a roaring fire. It’s a season of contrasts, and I find myself both longing for the return of spring and appreciating the quiet stillness that winter brings.


The winter season is still of a great beauty that never ceases to amaze me. Primroses and winter pansies are prime examples that kept my dad happy. I am enchanted by the way the snow glitters like diamonds under the warm embrace of the sun when it comes out it is lovely. The world is transformed into a winter and all the world is a stage. Our stage, the UK, plays out so beautifully even before you get to 29th Feb, and I can’t help but feel heightened emotion. I am not doing it down but merely wanting to show both sides of the fence which has the inevitability of falling down.

Despite the cold and harsh weather, there is something incredibly comforting about the warmth of a roaring fire that soothes my soul. It is a time of both contrast and harmony, where the stillness of winter brings a sense of calm to my being. As much as I long for the return of spring, I also cherish the peacefulness of winter and all the beauty it brings. On Valentines day I requested to sit outside, Rosemary laughed, then gave me the look, but was supportive as she had a big new coat. The bar lady questioned my weird request though, but it is just like I said before, it is the difference between cold and warmth, the freedom of a hot coffee on a cold day, and maybe a little wet as well. Fly like a bird, don’t allow your wings to be clipped or you’ll miss so much. Thank you for popping by all the best Tom.

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Thank you for reading and visiting my website, I hope it has been enjoyable and look forward to adding a plant blog soon. I to love to hear from you, if you have something to say please do it in the comments. I do filter the comments, so be kind to all. Best wishes Tom

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